What would you dream if you could dream while you were awake?

That’s the question that inspires much of Sarah’s work both professionally and personally.  Sarah’s biggest goal is to bring dreams into reality, no dream is to big or too small and powerful visual imagery can go a long way in helping to effectively tell the story of your brand.

Sarah can be booked on an hourly, half day, or full day rates. In addition, for commercial projects there are standard industry licensing fees for web and print. Every quote is custom created for the specific job.

Below is a condensed list of commercial services offered by Sarah Dickenson.


lifestyle - 12.jpg



Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography helps to sell the vibe of your brand and its products, helping you relate to your ideal customer base.  Lifestyle photography can include portraits, fashion, food, clothing, brand and interior photography.




Lifestyle Interiors

Lifestyle Interior photography helps tell the story of your home, restaurant, or hotel.  It helps customers relate to your space as well as be able to visualize the type of person who might live there.  Lifestyle Interiors can include entire room shots, showcasing the space as a whole or vignettes featuring interesting details that further compliment your space.





professional portraits

Professional portraits and headshots are a great way for clients to be able to put a face to a name for both you and your brand, helping to sell your visual identity as the face of your company.  Portraits can be both casual or posed, Sarah's portraits and headshots tend to have a slightly more relaxed and casual feel to them.


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